Joachim was born in Bavaria, South Germany and started professionally sculpturing at the young age of 15. In 2008 he was announced Winner of the Championship of Wood Sculpture in Southern Germany. He’s been based in bristol since 2012 exhibiting in galleries nationally as well as internationally.

In his work Joachim loves to fathom the unreal and the dream like as well as the deepness of the unconsciousness, and to dilate via the fantasy, absurdism and especially the melancholy.

His works stimulate melancholic thoughts and show the viewer the importance of living in the now. As a viewer, your mind marvels at the complex scenes before you, so much going on and so much symbolism intertwined in the beautiful imaginativeness of Joachim's work.

His sculptures are mostly mounted in deep, dark frames, which give the viewer a sense that the sculptures live in their own world, undisturbed by the goings on around them.

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